This website provide examples the Stata command graphout and its companion program graphsto. Together, these programs collect, organzie, and export graphs to files. I’ve designed this website to supplement the Stata help files that come with the programs. This website provides information on installing the programs and examples of their functionality. Thank you for your interest in my work, and I hope you find these programs useful in your research.


In Stata's command window, type "net from http://www.wolfesociology.com/Graphout" without quotes. Click the graphout link in the results window and then click on the "click here to install" link in the window that pops up. Both graphout and graphsto along with their help files will be installed. To see the help file for graphout, type "help graphout" in the command window without quotes.


For examples, click here. Please remember, these examples are not intended to illustrate every option available.  To review each program's options, refer to their respective Stata help file. 

About the Author

Joseph D. Wolfe is an Assistant Profesor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His training has focused on medical sociology and research methods, but his interests also include the life course and social psychology. His work views human development as a social and cumulative process that shapes health as people age. He is currently working on projects that examine how exposure to disadvantage is associated with health from childhood to late adulthood.